MD85563U TSC DESIGNO ULTIMATE GALLERY SPECIFICATIONS CASE OPTIONS MODEL: Tournament Soft CaseCATEGORY: UltimateSTYLE: Designo EXTERIOR LEATHER: HT ZigZag Navi-BluePIPING: BlackZIPPER: Platino Ultimate Black OxidLOGO: GD MetalBELT: Design TwoSTITCH: Aviano 20/3 Fb. 605 Blue INTERIOR LEATHER: WalkNappa BlackULTRASUEDE: Alcantara 7912 Brittany BlueSTITCH: Aviano 20/3 Fb. 605 Blue CUSTOM EMBROIDERY: Name on inner middle jacket face CUSTOMER FEEDBACKI have chosen this design based on a recommendation from the GD`s Sales Agent Mark and I must admit that I was a little bit skeptical based on the pictures provided, but when the case cameSEE DETAILS